June 2018 No. 33


New Media, New Vision, and New Methods
Editor's Note
Page. 219
/ 楊意菁
Yie-Jing Yang
新媒體、新視野與新方法: 台灣TSSCI 傳播學術論文探析
Special Issue Introduction: New Media, New Vision, and New Methods: An Analysis of Communication Research in Taiwan TSSCI Communication Journals
Page. 3
/ 楊意菁、陳雅惠
Yie-Jing Yang & Ya-Hui Chen
Keywords:new media, communication research, communication journals
資訊科學與質性研究之對話: Facebook 打卡實踐之視覺化行人言 說分析
Dialogues Between Computer Science and Qualitative Research: Analysis of Visualized Pedestrian Speech Acts in Facebook Check-In Practices
Page. 19
/ 吳筱玫、李蔡彥
Hsiao-mei Wu & Tsai-Yen Li
Keywords:everyday life, check-in, pedestrian speech act, visualization, interdisciplinary, qualitative research
網路速度與新聞— 轉變中的記者時間實踐及價值反思
The Internet and the News: Changing Temporal Practices of Journalism and Their Implications
Page. 65
/ 王淑美
Sumei Wang
Keywords:time, speed, journalism, news value, internet, practices
以大數據觀點探索網路謠言的 「網路模因」傳播模式
Analysis of the Misinformation of Internet-Meme Communication Patterns
Page. 99
/ 傅文成、陶聖屏
Wen-Cheng Fu & Sheng-Ping Tao
Keywords:big data, social media, Internet memes, online rumors
偏見同化效果:網路新聞不文明 留言對態度極化的影響
Biased Assimilation Effect: How Uncivil News Comments Polarize Attitudes
Page. 137
/ 陳靜君、陶振超
Ching-Chun Chen & Chen-Chao Tao
Keywords:incivility, bias assimilation, attitude polarization, news comments
閱聽人跨媒介詮釋圖像敘事之 美感傳播芻議: 以繪本、iPad 互動電子繪本為例
Preliminary Analyses of the Effect of Readers’ Transmedia Interpretation of Pictorial Narratives on Aesthetic Communication: Picturebooks and Interactive e-Picturebooks as Examples
Page. 181
/ 賴玉釵
Yu-Chai Lai
Keywords:Intermedial interpreation, aesthetic communication, transmedia narrative, pictorial narrative, picture book
勞動薪資議題之 媒體再現與定錨影響初探: 以人力銀行青年起薪調查新聞為例
Preliminary Study on the Media Representation and Anchoring Effect of Wage News: Job Bank’s Youth Labor Starting Salary Survey Report as an Example
Page. 219
/ 王維菁
Wei-Ching Wang